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Winterizing Home Plumbing

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Make sure to winterize your plumbing to prevent frozen pipes

When vacation owners leave homes or cabins for the winter they will want to take precautions to help insure that they won't return to frozen pipes and drains. If water is left in the plumbing system and the home falls to or below freezing temperatures they could return to a rather huge mess. Frozen pipes and drains is just the start. They could return to pipes that have burst and caused flood damage to the home. Winterizing will help prevent this type of disaster.

Don't get frozen pipes, let us Winterize your home during winter months

Winterizing services for a vacation home or cabin consist of the following:

  • ● Draining water from a water heater, water softener and/or holding tank and shutting it down.
  • ● Opening water faucets to allow water to drain.
  • ● Blowing air through the water lines and drain pipes to drain the water.
  • ● Flush all of the toilets to remove all of the water from the bowl and tank.
  • ● Putting antifreeze in water lines, drain pipes, and toilets to prevent freezing of water left behind after draining.
  • ● Installing a drain point if one is needed.

The primary purpose of the winterizing service is to ensure that no water is left in the pipes within the plumbing system that could cause damage to the vacation home or cabin that is left unattended or vacant for long periods of time over the cold winter months.

Weatherzation services for occupied manufactured homes may consist of the following:

  • ● Insulating water lines and drain pipes.
  • ● Insulating the water meter.
  • ● Adding insulation to the under belly of the home.
  • ● Putting heat tape on water lines and drain pipes to prevent freezing.

"Manufactured home" means a structure that is designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation. Precautions will need to be taken so that pipes and drains do not freeze. Even though these homes are occupied during the cold winter months below freezing temperatures and lack of insulation or heat tape could cause pipes to freeze and burst. Prevention can save hundreds in expenses to repair frozen or burst water pipes and drains.

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