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Water Softener Installation and Repairs

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Water softeners, water filtration systems & iron

Most water sources have high levels of minerals, such as iron, manganese, and sulfer, so the best way to protect your home’s appliances and have good soft water for your sinks, showers, bathrooms, and washing machines, get a good quality water softener for your home.

Residential water softeners

Water softeners exchange hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) for salt (sodium or potassium) ions. This exchange takes place withing the water softener tank, the water then flows through the tank where the salt ions exchange with the hardness ions. This process softens the water before it enters into the rest of your plumbing system. Water softeners can help keep your appliances lasting longer as well as plumbing fixtures and water heaters. Call 608-355-1939 to discuss your options.

Whole house water filtration systems

As mentioned above, most water sources do not have the purest water, and since we use water for drinking and cooking, a good quality water filtration system will give you nice and clean water. Whole house water filtration systems are professionally installed by our master plumber and maintained to keep them running smoothly for years to come. Call 608-355-1939 to discuss your options.

Residential reverse osmosis water systems

Another great choice to get great tasting water for drinking or cooking is to have a reverse osmosis system installed by Midwest Valley Plumbing, LLC. Other then improving the taste of your water, RO (reverse osmosis) Systems save you money, are simple to maintain and removes impurities. They save you money because you no longer have to purchase drinking water or water bottles, which can be expensive. RO Systems are simple to maintain because they have few moving replaceable parts and are easy to clean and service. These systems remove pollutants from water including nitrates, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, pesticides, and much more. RO system carbon filters also remove chlorine and chloramines. Call 608-355-1939 to discuss your options.

Iron water systems

If you get your water from a well, an iron water filter system is a must for your home. Our water treatment specialists offers a complete line of iron water filter systems along with professional installation to provide iron free water for your home. Call 608-355-1939 to discuss your options.

Acid neutralizers

Installing an acid neutralizer is the most effective and economical way to correct a low pH imbalance of your water. The telltale signs of acidic water - if you have copper pipes - are blue or green stains in the bottom of your tub or sinks. If you have a low pH, acidic water not only can create these stains, but can also, over time, damage your copper water pipes and create pin-hole leaks. By installing an acid neutralizer you can possibly slow down or stop the problem at its source. Essentially, this can save you a lot of money in the long run by not damaging your expensive fixtures and copper water pipes.

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